Eyelash Rotation and Treatment

The orientation of the ciliated edge of the lids towards the eye surface occurs when the lid turns completely inwards or only as a result of the lashes being directed inwards. Although it is usually observed in the advanced age group, a second row of eyelashes is formed behind the normally placed eyelashes of children, less frequently congenitally, and causes complaints such as burning, stinging, redness and decreased vision. The treatment for ingrown eyelashes is surgery. While pulling these eyelashes with tweezers relieves the complaints for the moment, it is definitely not recommended as it causes the eyelashes to grow again and harder and stronger and cause infection. Instead, gels or contact lenses that wet the eye surface should be preferred in the early period, and it is necessary to consult an oculoplastic surgery specialist for the intervention to remove eyelashes from the eye. Eyelashes are very durable and difficult to completely remove structures. In the treatment of lash rotation, laser, freezing, radiofrequency application, excision and lid rotation surgeries can correct the lash rotation tables on the upper and lower lids.

Dr. The 3 most frequently asked questions to Onur Konuk about eyelash rotation and treatment:

1. My eyelashes are stinging towards my eyes, I pulled them a few times with tweezers, but they started to sting again and my eyelashes started to grow. What should I do.

Pulling eyelashes with tweezers is the most common mistake made by the public. This application will not prevent the eyelashes from coming out, but on the contrary, it will cause them to grow stronger. Therefore, it also reduces the success of future surgeries. In order to correct this picture, the most appropriate treatment type should be selected by examining many parameters such as the number of ingrown eyelashes, their placement (lower lid or upper lid), the condition of the eye surface, the general health status of the patient.

2. I had surgery on my eyelashes before, but my eyelashes grew longer and stinging. What should I do?

Eyelashes are a very durable tissue originating from the hair follicle. Like other hair follicles in the body, after applications such as laser, radiofrequency, and freezing, hair growth may occur again, but there is usually a weaker growth, and a definite result is obtained in 2-3 sessions most of the time. Surgical procedures, on the other hand, give more permanent results, but they are interventions that require more experience and time compared to other applications. Your doctor explains which application will be more suitable for which patient, the pros and cons of each application, and the appropriate treatment is shaped.

3. Along with my lashes, my lids also turn inwards. Are my lashes or lids sick?

In such cases, it is necessary to evaluate the patient very well. Because interventions for eyelashes alone cause undesirable results in this different patient group. In this table, surgeries to turn the lids out again should be the main target.