Lid Disorders and Treatment in Facial Paralysis

Facial palsy cases apply to the oculoplastic clinic with complaints of lid deformity, inability to close the eyelid, and especially corneal damage and vision loss due to keeping the eye open. Facial paralysis occurs as a result of loss of function of the nerve that moves the eye muscles, either spontaneously or due to trauma, infection, vascular diseases and tumors, resulting in drooping of the eyebrow, open upper eyelid, drooping of the lower eyelid and distortion of the lip edge. In such cases, it is important to conduct research on the cause in the early period. Then, a solution is sought with high-dose drug treatments. In addition, surgical treatment may be required to repair eye surface and corneal damage and prevent vision loss. Placing gold weights on the lids, lifting the lower eyelid, face lift and eyebrow lifting are the preferred methods according to the clinical findings of the cases.

Dr. The 3 most frequently asked questions to Onur Konuk about valve deformities and treatment in facial paralysis:

1. Is facial paralysis temporary?

The cause of facial paralysis determines the process of this picture. Facial paralysis due to a treatable cause may be temporary. Diabetes, vaccination, sarcoidosis, upper respiratory tract infections, Herpes virus, otitis media, cancers, trauma, vascular anomalies are among the causes of facial paralysis. Treatment protocols applied with these tables can improve facial paralysis.

2. How does gold weight work in facial paralysis, will it harm my eyes, is there an alternative surgery?

Since the upper eyelid cannot be closed in facial paralysis, the lid is closed with the effect of gravity and gold weight. Therefore, cosmetic problems may occur. The alternative to the gold implant is titanium implants. Since this material is a heavier metal, it provides a more effective cover correction with a thinner material, but is more expensive. Implants are not harmful in conditions where they are properly applied to the eye and used as pure metal. Alternative surgery that will restore valve functions without using an implant is surgery for the muscles that lift the valve and BOTOX applications. These methods are selected by the oculoplastic surgeon in line with the clinical findings of the person.

3. Eyebrow drooping, facial drooping occurred in facial paralysis, is there any treatment?

Among the classical findings of facial paralysis, drooping of the eyebrows and drooping of the face up to the lips with the lower eyelid are typical. There is no drug treatment for these findings. Eyebrow drooping and facial sagging can cause serious cosmetic and visual problems. Various surgical treatments are applied for this purpose. Dramatic results are obtained with eyelid lift surgeries along with brow lift and face lift surgeries. These are methods that require advanced techniques in oculoplastic surgery since a surgical procedure is performed in the opposite direction of gravity.