Lid Infections

Eyelids are a tissue prone to infections due to close contact with the external environment, cosmetic products used and hygienic reasons. Due to the different structure of the lid skin from other skin tissues, rapid edema, redness, itching and drying may occur. Some lesions heal as sequelae in the form of yellow-white burr-shaped lesions on the lid margin and may cause cosmetic problems. Although the cause of valve infections is often bacteria, they can also be caused by viruses and parasitic agents. For this reason, the definitive diagnosis should be made by the oculoplastic specialist and appropriate antimicrobial therapy should be started to prevent the suppression of the picture, progression to the eye and access to the intracranial structures.

Dr. The 3 most frequently asked questions to Onur Konuk about valve infections:

1. I had redness and swelling on my eyelid. The redness has subsided but I still have some swelling on my hand.

This described picture is a chalazion picture that develops after a typical valve infection. Most of the cases used many drugs and had massage therapy for a long time. If this picture cannot be regressed with these treatments, the definitive treatment solution is surgery. In this surgery performed under local anesthesia, the person can return to work the next day and does not experience any loss in his social life.

2. There is itching, dandruff and loss of eyelashes at the bottom of the eyelashes. Will my lashes grow back?

The most common complaints in infections of the ciliated edge of the lid are itching, dandruff and shedding of eyelashes. The bacteria involved here initiate the inflammatory process at the bottom of the eyelashes, and these symptoms are followed at the end. If there is no other dermatological disorder under the eyelash loss, these findings often improve with treatment and our eyelashes reach their old healthy appearance.

3. Do eyelid infections cause vision loss?

In the early period, eyelid infections begin limited to the anatomical areas of the eyelid, and there is no problem of vision loss with the treatment performed in this early period. However, if the picture is neglected, if there is contact lens use in the history, if there is vision loss in previous similar pictures, various degrees of vision loss may be observed in these cases due to the involvement of the cornea or eyeball.