Valve Surgery with Implants

In severe valve deformities, in some cases, the patient’s own lid, mucosa or skin tissues are insufficient for correction. These cases are usually cases with valvular palsy, severe valvular trauma, or facial trauma with the lid. In such cases, the lid is reshaped using various implants (eg gold, porous polyethylene (MEDPOR), natural coral (hydroxyapatite), silicone, etc.) that are compatible with body tissues.

Dr. The 3 most frequently asked questions to Onur Konuk about implants and valve surgery:

1. Are these implants harmful to my body?

The implants used are products that have been proven to be compatible with the body after years of research and have been approved for human use by many health institutions. All of the products used are used in single-use, ready-made sterile packages for the patient. Therefore, these implants do not cause any harm to the body.

2. Is it necessary to remove the implants later?

In most cases, the implants remain safely in place for life and continue functional support. Implants with porous structures such as MEDPOR and Hydroxyapatite are often adopted by the body, vascularized by the body and become a part of the body. In rare cases, if the paralysis can be completely eliminated, the implants can be removed with a surgical application.

3. Do we have to use these implants?

Lid surgery with implants is often performed in cases of severe trauma and paralysis. In oculoplastic surgery, although the aim is to reconstruct using the person’s own tissues, these implants, which are used when necessary, significantly increase the surgical success.