Tear Duct And Traumatic Canalicular Incision Surgery

In our country, eyelid incisions of the lacrimal ducts are often caused by eyelid traumas.
Traumatic incisions of the lacrimal duct may occur after blunt traumas, traffic accidents or previous eyelid surgeries in our country. In such cases, in case of repair of the lid incision, the tear duct canaliculi incision must be repaired urgently. Otherwise, the person will suffer from eye watering for life and will have to carry a tube for life to fix it. In order to prevent this difficult process, early surgical correction of the canaliculus is required. For this, an oculoplastic surgeon related to tear ducts and lid surgery repairs the tear ducts by inserting a temporary tube. The tube is removed after 3-6 months.

Dr. The 3 most frequently asked questions to Onur Konuk about tear duct and traumatic canaliculi incision surgery:

1. How do we know that the tear duct is cut after the lid incision?

Patients cannot understand this incision. However, the closer the lid incision is towards the nose, the higher the risk. It is a finding that the oculoplastic surgeon will reveal during the examination.

2. The lid incision was repaired in the hospital, but the tear duct was not repaired. Now my eyes are constantly watering. What should I do?

There are various reasons for eye watering after lid incision repair. These are the result of the contact of the suture materials used during the lid incision repair in the early period to the eye. If the suture material (sutures) is unsuitable, there is a risk of eye infection and the sutures must be removed. In addition, during valve incision repair, valve deformity may have developed and the lid may have turned inward or outward. These deformities can also cause eye watering. In addition, the canaliculi (tear ducts) have been cut and its repair may have been overlooked during the lid incision repair. If there is watering due to this, permanent tubing may be required.

3. Is it necessary to insert a tube in the incision of the tear ducts?

Yes. The tube is definitely inserted and removed after 3-6 months.